About Markethic

We better target your audience, accelerate and increase your sales and reduce the sales cycle with database, market research, pre-sales and business development activities.
We are on top in hunting opportunities and information

Markethic is a privately owned company, founded in 1992, servicing IT market leaders, challengers, promising start-ups, big companies and SME's.

Our broad expertise, both in communication and IT technologies is our strength.

Day in day out, we work for IT vendors, service companies, software houses, value added distributors establishing, developing and maintaining relationships, detect projects and pains, propose new solutions, stimulate event participation, fix appointments, measure customer satisfaction, collect inside information.
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What we're absolutely great at


With the inside information we have gathered during years, and that we update continuously, we are able to help you to identify your ideal audience with a few clics. We assist you developing the right strategy. We give you advice on the optimal way to handle your marketing actions: press, events, direct marketing, telemarketing and/or internet marketing that we manage according to the predefined planning. Our team helps you to decide which options are best, and in which order the marketing actions should have to take place. Always with no-nonsense. All through a guided selection process where you make all the choices, based on your needs. This will give you important market information to make reliable market planning and budget estimates, and make better marketing communication buying decisions. We generate the needed data so you can measure the performance and justify the investment.


  • markethic.mobi is your personal sales acceleration platform
  • markethic.mobi covers all sectors, all sizes with specific info
  • with markethic.mobi you get a complete picture of your customer DNA, you not only have access to your personal contacts but also you can get a complete picture of the DMU and or other departments where you can do some additional business
  • with markethic.mobi you discover new customers that fit in your pipeline
  • with markethic.mobi you increase significantly your conversion rate


Daily we discuss with hundreds of contacts. With this forekwnowledge we are able to orient efficiently the research, all in your benefit becayse We know who to contact. Our clients use the collected data and findings for their content communication. Hot topics are customer satisfaction surveys, market trends, installed base information, competition notoriety.


When it comes to databases, you can be confident that you are dealing with experts in commercial and installed base databases. Our databases are strong in all available selection criteria. We manage different UsersBases and ChannelBases so we can provide a complete picture matching your needs.


By getting in touch with the precise targeted segment - information - and the potentials - leads -, we support our clients by providing buying intentions that lead to sales. Markethic combines it's knowledge of the market and professional marketing techniques to approach decision makers, project leaders and specific managers. Win3 remains always in the top of mind of our professionals. Win situation for you, for us and for the final customer. Our qualified staff manages constructive dialogues with them in a very customer oriented way. We adapt the campaign to the solution, the service and the client Company Culture and by adding our expertise and our no-nonsense approach we are sure to get successful results. We manage different techniques of scoring and provide all the meta-data and campaign information to validate budgets.


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Our senior team provides a spectrum of specialized services in the following areas:

prospects and customers...
to deliver services & solutions...
to fill up your pipeline...
with guaranteed quality leads...
through differentiation...
foreknowledge, precognition...
revitalizing teams...
anywhere, anytime, 24x7...
impacting audience...
and realignment...
for new challenges...
and development...

the 2018 SME study

the Belgian SME market scanned, anticipate on new opportunities, develop your strategy with greater confidence for 2018
For IT vendors and IT service companies with a clear added value !!!

Large SME's

The SME study of Markethic analyses trends, detects opportunities within the top 100-1100 of largest SME's in Belgium with between 300 and 2500 workers. The study reveals the local ermerging markets and those decreasing, by sector, by domain.

All sectors covered

The study identifies trends, market growth and slowdown within all sectors : construction, distribution, education, finance and insurance, health, government, industry, services, transport and utilities with examples of companies using a specific technology in a particular domain.

747 interviews with CIO's, 621 results all over Belgium

17 tech-domains covered

Digital evolutions, new way of working, collaboration, IoT, AI, synchronised security, GDPR, cloud, the SAP and ERP market in general, CRM, Web platforms, fiber, IT human ressources, partner selection and IT budgets. With answers to questions: what were you doing until end 2017? what do you foresee during 2018 as IT-projects?

questions asked by phone and email exchange


You will receive a 35p pdf report including 78 diagrams, barcharts and histograms, with data per sector, per IT domain that you can match with your specific activity, trends per technology and domain.

How to use it?

Get direct strategic insight, support your communication with market stats, identify sectors with the largest potential on which you can focus. Use the data to strenghten your sales on promising markets.

useful data at a fraction of the normal price


Presubscription price at 590 €, instead of 990 €. Presubscription valid before the 30th of march. This means a 40% discount for early adopters. Quick delivery.

To order, please send an email to CIO (at) markethic.be